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General Details
Release Year: 2013
Print: Color
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Product ID:4814
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Runtime :NA
Synopsis (Story)
Kautilya's Arthashashtra an ancient Indian treatise on the statecraft, economic policy and military strategy was written in 4th century B.C. by Chanakya - a visionary who was also referred to as  The King Maker'. Being a scholar at Takshashila and a teacher and guardian to Emperor Chandragupta Mauraya, he developed these strategies which rightfully served as a guideline to the Kings and Emperors on how to manage and run their kingdom successfully. Several of the administrative suggestions/strategies prescribed therein are still relevant and practicable in today's modern world.

Based on these same principles, the Seven Business Guru's in each of these DVDs provide us with their insights as they have evolved to the present state in the respective fields. Their experiences, their achievements and the solutions that they have derived to face various difficulties which will prove to be of utmost importance and help to all budding entrepreneurs, CEOs, Thought Leaders and Managers to further enhance their innate abilities and become more successful in life.

Product content

8 DVDs
  • Chanakya Speaks (The Film)
  • Chanakya Speaks on Leadership
  • Chanakya Speaks on Minister & Managers
  • Chanakya Speaks on Marketing
  • Chanakya Speaks on Infrastructure
  • Chanakya Speaks on Finance
  • Chanakya Speaks on Team Work
  • Chanakya Speaks on Friendship & Mentoring
Exclusive working manual

Bonus material:3 Audiobook CDs
  • Corporate Chanakya: Leadership
  • Corporate Chanakya: Management
  • Corporate Chanakya: Training
  • Corporate Chanakya 

  • The library edition for Universities comprises a screening letter that enables you to screen the content of the DVDs multiple times to students, teachers, professors, academicians and many more people.

For multiple screening rights version mail us at chanakyaspeaks@shemaroo.com