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Osho How to be Really Alive
Satyam Shivam Sundaram # 23
Duration : Approx. 82 Mins.
Life has to be lived so totally and so intensely that you can squeeze each minute’s juice without leaving a single drop behind. Only such a life is authentic' great. Only such a life does not come to an end in death.

Osho How To Relax With Yourself
Satyam Shivam Sundaram # 16
Duration : Approx.65 Mins
Humanity has created a very strange situation for itself in which nobody is at ease' nobody can relax-because the moment you relax you face yourself. Relaxation becomes almost a mirror' and you don’t want to see your face because you are so much impressed by the condemnatory opinions of others.

Osho Escaping Into Life' Not From It
The path of the Mystic # 31
Duration : Approx.78 Mins
Life consists only of moments: thee is no past life. Whenever life is' it is always in the present.

Osho Relaxing Into Awareness
Satyam Shivam Sundaram # 25
Duration : Approx.77 Mins
Tension cannot exist in the light of awareness.

Osho Ultimate Love
Om Shantih' Shantih' Shantih #3
Duration : Approx.101 Mins
Love is the art of being one with the whole.

Osho Living Your Potential
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih' # 22
Duration : Approx.83 Mins
There is no spiritual goal. In fact' you are already there but simply not aware. If you can become just a little alert' you will be surprised that you were seeking unnecessarily' searching here and there -- and the seeker was the search.

Osho Getting To Know Yourself (Beyond Loneliness?)
The Path of the Mystic # 19
Duration : Approx.88 Mins
The moment you find the positive' the light' the darkness is finished.

Osho Enjoying Aloneness
Satyam SHivam Sundaram # 28
Duration : Approx.95 Mins
Rejoice in being a stranger' rejoice in being an outsider. That is the way that will bring you the truth and the divine' and the tremendous splendor and beauty that follows on its own accord.
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