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Smart Cookie - Learning is Fun (3 DVD Pack)



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DVD : English
Synopsis Smart Cookie Vol. 1 Pyjama Party. Nine smart cookies have an over night get-to-gether at their friend Siya's home. They play, sing, dance to the tunes of various rhymes, eat yummy food, sleep, get-up and learn with Sia's mother who entertains and teaches them all along.,

Smart Cookies Vol. 2 Jasu and his friends are getting ready for a picnic in the park. Wanna join along? Get on board the Smart Cookie! picnic bus for a day of frolic and fun. Play games, take turns, watch ant hills, fly kites and dance along as you learn important pre-school fundamentals like shapes, vegetables, sharing, and rhymes. All this and more reinforced by YooHoo, a wacky puppet who will delight the little ones. Age: 2 to 7 years

Smart Cookies. 3 It's Kavya's birthday! Siya and her friends throw Kavya a Surprise Birthday Party! .Let's join in for the cake, balloons, games and gifts! And wow, there's even a surprise guest! FUN! FUN! PARTY FUN! Dance and party along as you learn rhymes, days of the week, things we wear, feelings, table manners sharing and more.Age: 2 to 7 years

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"Promotes creativity and early language development" - The Hindu

"…a good present for your little one." - The Indian Express

"Kids love to watch and learn from other kids. My son has learnt several things from the video - including sharing and cleaning up his toys!" Sharmila, Mother if a 3 yr old.

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