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Rhyme Time in Toyland


Actress:Ananya Vij

Director:Yogi Chopra


Product ID:3357


Molly is a cute 6 year old girl who loves to play ‘teacher-teacher’ with her 6 favourite soft toys: Cindy Doll, Sandy Soldier, Bruno Bear, Doggy Pups, Bunny Bugs and Monty Monkey. One night her mother stops her play and strictly puts her to bed. Still wanting to play, Molly goes to bed unhappy. To make her wish come true, that night her favourite toys came to life in an animated form to wake her up and take her to Toyland where they play, sing, dance, learn and teach each other lots of fun rhymes and songs. The Magician, Bruno Bear uses a Magic Mirror and an Hour Glass to keep track of their return to the real world. As they hear Molly’s mother’s footsteps through the magic mirror, they all run back home before the last grains of sand fall from the hour glass. Once back safely they bid Molly good night promising to return for more fun.
List of rhymes in 'Rhyme time in toyland':

1. At the end of the day
2. You are my sunshine
3. S-M-I-L-E   
4. Teddy bear teddy bear
5. B-I-N-G-O
6. Little cottage in the woods
7. Funny funny monkey
8. The alphabet song
9. 10 little indians
10. Number rhyme
11. Little miss muffet
12. I know a fruit that's good to eat
13. The fruit salad song
14. The sharing song
15. Thumbkin he can dance
16. When you're happy and you know it
17. The weather song
18. The rainbow song
19. Out in the garden
20. Special me
21. Miss molly had a dolly
22. I'm a little musician 
23. 3 little magic words
24. The birdy dance
25. The more we are together
26. Mommy and daddy i love you

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