Corporate Chanakya

Radhakrishnan Pillai
Chanakya Speaks - The Film

The story revolves around the quest of a young business executive trying to rediscover Chanakya's Teachings. Mentored by his quirky “boss”, he discovers Chanakya's Seven Pillars Construct (Model) and sets upon a journey to apply the learnings, for the growth of his organization and betterment of his own life. In this interesting journey he makes opportunity to meet face to face with some of India’s most successful leaders in business and otherwise: Mr. Narayana Murthy; Dr. Santrupt Misra; Vinita Bali; Subroto Bagchi; Raamdeo Agrawal; D. Sivanandhan. He realises, that Chanakyas teachings are still very relevant and pertinent in the current business context both in letter and spirit, helping him to set a new direction for himself and for his company.

Corporate Chanakya - Bundle Pack

This Bundle includes:
1. Corporate Chanakya Movie
2. Corporate Chanakya on leadership (English)
3. Corporate Chanakya on management (English)
4. Corporate Chanakya on training (English)
5. Corporate Chanakya on leadership (Hindi)
6. Corporate Chanakya on management (Hindi)
7. Corporate Chanakya on training (Hindi)

"Successful Management the Chanakya Way".

Nominated for Vodafone-Crossword BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2010.

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