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Upanishad Ganga Vol. 2 (episodes 18 to 36)

Genre:TV Serials

Actor:Abhimanyu Singh, Vrajesh Hirjee, Mukesh Tiwari, Zakir Hussain, KK Raina, Vishwa Vadola, Amit Behl

Actress:Sai Deodhar, Mona Ambegaonkar, Jaya BhaRacharya, Ila Arun

Director:Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi


Product ID:4938

Subtitles :
DVD : English
For the first time in the history of Indian Television' a mammoth effort covering the entire gamut on Indian culture' Heritage' Philosophy and Wisdom spanning more than 5000 years has been produced as a television serial titled “Upanishad Ganga'

What is Upanishad Ganga? 
Vedas are the most ancient scriptures and are the very source of the wisdom of India. Upanishads are the philosophical essence of the entire teachings of the Vedas.

Upanishad Ganga is a television serial comprising of 52 episodes in Hindi depicting the essence of the teachings of the Upanishads as well as the Vedic culture of India. Various stories from the Vedas' Upanishads' Puranas and Indian cultural history have been used as vehicles for bringing home the concepts in an interesting and appealing fashion.

DVD - 5
Epi - 18: Varna
Epi - 19: Shodasha Samskara  The 16 Milestones of life  1
Epi - 20: Shodasha Samskara  The 16 Milestones of life  2
Epi - 21: Shodasha Samskara  The 16 Milestones of life  3 
Epi - 22: The Theory of Karma and Rebirth

DVD - 6
Epi - 23: The Glory of Human Birth
Epi - 24: Adhikari  The Seeker of Knowledge
Epi - 25: Guru
Epi - 26: Guru Upasadan
Epi - 27: The Quest

DVD - 7
Epi - 28: The Not-Self
Epi - 29: The True Self
Epi - 30: The Existence Principle
Epi - 31: Consciousness  The Life Principle
Epi - 32: Bliss

DVD - 8
Epi - 33: Bondage
Epi - 34: The Self and The not-Self
Epi - 35: God
Epi - 36: Maya  The Power of the Lord
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