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The World At War - 9 DVD Pack

Genre:Historical, War


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DVD : English
The World at War was first broadcast 31st October 1973, when memories of the Second World War were still clear in people's minds and the war's veterans numerous. This unique television series was able to assemble these recollections, together with archive footage into one of the most powerful and successful historical documentaries ever seen. The voices of those that fought, worked or watched during the Second World War gave each episode a vivid sense of what it was like to be there and was the hallmark of the series.

This 28 ½ hours 9 disc box set contains;

•Original 26 Episode
•6 Special Presentations which showcasing interesting footage of Adolf Hitler, story of his two deaths and his relationship with his secretary


"The greatest TV series ever" - Daily Mail
"A show of almost staggering ambition." - Variety
"World Beating" – Evening Standard
"For those of us who lived through the cataclysm, these 26 episodes will send chills racing up the spine." - LA Times, USA
"A high standard of technical expertise, disciplined teamwork ... the research has been exceptional ... extraordinarily effective." - Sunday Times, UK
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