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BookBox : Storytelling Redefined- Vol.1


Actor:Animated Stories in English and Hindi


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As compared to the existing childrens VCDs - such as nursery rhymes VCD, animated films VCD and the like – BookBox stands apart since it not only contains animation, but also provides subtitles and free labels. Moreover, BookBox is the only product in India which guarantees learning and having fun simultaneously on a VCD.

Stories in BookBox - Vol 1 : The stories in BookBox – Vol 1 are as follows:
1) Santa’s Christmas
2) The Whispering Palms
3) The Four Friends
4) Elephant goes to City
5) The Boo in the shoe

Benefits of BookBox
1. They improve your childs vocabulary, reading skills and thereby make them read smarter
2. They encourage a love for the reading habit amongst children, which is so essential in todays computer dominated scenario
3. They expose your child to different cultures
4. The pace of animation in BookBox, improves your childs attention
5. They help your child learn languages
6. If there is too much TV in your childs life, BookBox and Rhyme Time will certainly be a healthy solution to it
7. Reading would no more require an effort, it becomes automatic and full of fun
8. You contribute to global literacy

Various awards and recognitions allotted to BookBox : BookBox is credited with the following awards:
1. India's Best e-Contents – 2005, by The Manthan AIF Award
2. Winner, Development Marketplace, World Bank's Global Innovation Competition, January, 2002
3. Best Social Innovation for the year 2000 in the Education category, by The Institute for Social Inventions, London (U.K.)

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